Founded in the US 92 years ago, KitchenAid is known worldwide for its products for people who believe that cooking is a form of artistic expression. The iconic Stand Mixer has remained unchanged for decades and is part of the collection of MoMA; it is also the central character of this Artistic Movement campaign by São Paulo-based DDB Brasil. Combining Pop Art, Surrealism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Modernism, the ads portray the Stand Mixer at the center of the various art movements that have marked the last nine decades. With the tagline, “For 92 years, cooking has been an art for us.” the campaign makes a connection between art and the kitchen and shows that although time and artistic styles change, the mixer design always remains the same—always up to date.

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Before Pop Art brought together art and everyday life, KitchenAid was doing that in the kitchen: turning dishes into masterpieces.

Surrealists turned dreams into art. And before that, KitchenAid was doing the same in the kitchen: turning recipes into masterpieces.

In the 20th century, very few things were as revolutionary as modern art. KitchenAid was one of them, when it considered cooking as an artistic expression.

Art Nouveau brought new materials and technologies to fine arts and architecture. KitchenAid brought all that into kitchens all over the world, always considering cooking as an art.

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Find out about our products and other art movements at KitchenAid. For those to whom cooking is an art.

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