Enbridge’s non-profit foundation, energy4everyone, works with companies in the Canadian energy industry to support the delivery of affordable, reliable and sustainable energy to communities that need it most. One recent project provided a remote Tanzanian medical clinic with solar panels that generate the power to refrigerate malaria vaccine, perform blood testing and treat patients into the night, helping to reduce the one-in-ten infant mortality rate. To convey the relationship between life and energy Calgary, Alberta-based W A X partnership incorporated created a report with a black overwrap that requires a perforation to be broken to reveal the bright and vibrant report content—literally, taking them from darkness to light. It illustrates how reliable access to energy can improve life expectancy, infant mortality and economic security. To date, e4e has helped improve the lives of over 22,000 people.
Credits: waxpartnership.com
| www.energy4everyone.com

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