This panel discussion will consider the exhibition “Carsten Höller: Experience” in the context of the twentieth-century phenomenon of the funhouse—mechanical amusement venues in which patrons encounter and actively interact with various devices designed to surprise, challenge, and amuse the visitor. The first funhouses appeared in the early 1900s at Coney Island and by 1940 had spread to most cities in the United States. They are now, unfortunately, much harder to come by. The most common devices of the funhouse include: slides, darkened corridors, flashing lights, as well as perception-distorting floors and walls—devices that also make appearances in Höller’s work, albeit in a vastly different context. Participants include: Aaron Beebe (Museum Director/Associate Director of Coney Island USA) and Amy Herzog (Associate Professor of Media Studies at Queens College, CUNY).

Thursday, January 12, 2012 | 7:00 PM

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