Volkswagen makes going green fun with its Think Blue philosophy. To help spread the global initiative across Singapore, this site blends technology, social media and storytelling to create an eco-friendly world.

At the heart of the site is the experiential and immersive Think Blue Road Trip, a social media-driven experience that takes Facebook and Twitter friends on a road trip powered by Google’s Open API where they can play multi-window games supported by HTML5. Google Maps plots the route while Street View loads automatically to take players to their destinations.

• It took a team of ten approximately twelve weeks to produce the content-heavy site.

• Google did not allow preloading of Street View images, which the team had planned to use for the Road Trip; the team hit the road to film roughly 50 hours of driving footage. 

• Specific ActionScript 3 classes determined which route videos were to be loaded and played, based on each user’s input location and proximity to a particular region.

• The globe and associated elements were created from scratch using 3D Max.

• The three Think Blue Tales animations required the shooting of props and talent, voiceover recording and sound engineering.

• At the end of the road trip, a snapshot of the user and a user-customized license plate can be shared on Facebook and anyone who’s completed the trip can download a blog widget that simulates the journey by traveling through various Web pages.

• Since its launch, the world of Think Blue has hosted more than 50,000 visits across 96 countries; almost half of all users came back for more, with repeat visits hitting 40 percent.

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