Each August, TCM launches a dynamic, in-depth Web site supporting its Summer Under the Stars series featuring films from a different star each day throughout the month.

Great at pushing the boundaries of how this content is presented each year, TCM has again served it up, for the ninth year, in a unique format that makes it all new. This year’s site boasts a colorful road-trip theme and locations dedicated to the different stars. Packed with retro-signage and vintage-style visuals, its virtual road takes visitors to 31 different locations, each one tied to a star and a variety of film imagery, original illustration and altered stock photography.

Clicking on each location takes fans into the extensive content for each day’s star, including bios, articles about each film on the schedule, video clips and archival material. With transitions that visually represent zooming into the map or clicking between postcards, an initial map view provides direct links to all actors and a secondary postcard interface accesses the content for individual stars that sets a tone for the content of each film—character traits, film themes and a description of the surroundings.

• Concept meetings began in May and site development was wrapped up the last week of July.

• The site has 31 daily SWFs and approximately 400 images and 300 videos relevant to each individual movie.

• Built in HTML/Javascript as an overlay on top of the Flash piece, a travel-journal function allows visitors to leave comments about each location and star along the way and share specific stars from the site on Facebook or Twitter. The feature helped to spread the site beyond the standard Google/word-of-mouth/organic links that have been used in the past.

• A speedometer style nav makes it easy to jump from day to day and actor to actor.

• An HTML version of the site was created for the iPad.

• Site traffic, as of August 22, is 284,380 visitors; 1,163,285 page views and 29,957 Facebook likes.
Credits: www.1trickpony.com
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