Part of the celebration of Parks Canada’s centennial year, this experiential site is home to thirteen original short films, a collection of original sound tracks and artist and park biographies—all celebrating Canada’ s national parks.

Original content for the multiplatform project, featuring the work of more than 50 acclaimed Canadian filmmakers and musicians, was shot and recorded in Canada’s thirteen national parks. From May to October, 2010, groups comprised of one filmmaker and three musicians were sent to parks in each province and territory to capture their experience in a short film and sound track. Each quartet was selected from the best Canadian talent, with the aim of putting together people that had never worked together before. This site pieces together the diverse array of content through a full-screen Flash interface; unlocked over a seven-week period, it coincided with the broadcast of The National Parks Project TV series on Discovery World HD.

Visitors enter via a whirling compass that reveals a virtual park landscape and extensive multimedia content. Each park is designated by a specific color and laid out equally around the points of the compass in the order that they appeared on the television show. As the cursor moves over each park, the compass adjusts to point out the physical direction of it within Canada and on clickthrough the compass and main nav bar change color to match whichever park is chosen.

• Development took eight incredibly intensive weeks.

• Each of the thirteen parks has one art film, between two to six songs, twelve photos and three to six behind-the-scenes videos—all original content.

• To obfuscate loading from visitors, each park section has a lead-in which can help mask the loading of the sections contents; a method that works quite well considering the 10GB of total content data for the site.

• To date, the site’s received over 100,000 unique visitors.

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