Over five billion years, life on earth has evolved into the incredible richness and variety of today. Narrated by Daniel Craig One Life is the BBC’s celebration of the most brilliant and imaginative stories of survival from the natural world. The story takes viewers from birth through to the creation of the next generation, revealing that, whether winged or flippered, eight legs or two, the triumphant story of life connects us all.

The trailer offers a glimpse of the cutting-edge cinematic techniques used in the film to capture unprecedented and astonishingly beautiful sequences of animal behavior and ingenuity. Rather than being a small part of a bigger marketing site, the immersive, interactive trailer is the site. Click-and-drag functionality enables the online audience to explore contextual content and behind-the-scenes footage (relevant to the section of the trailer currently being viewed) or to just sit back and watch it as a linear two-minute experience.

• The site was in development for three months with a team of eight and was built to be localized into various languages for the different markets.

• Brightcove was used to handle uploading and encoding of all the videos into various bandwidth options.

• Colors sampled from the film as it plays were used to generate the evolving background colors that frame the film.

• At the end of the trailer the user can view a timeline of all the content on the site, with an indication of what they have already seen.

Credits: www.thebrooklynbrothers.com
| www.stinkdigital.com

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