In just a few days the streets, parks, lobbies, loading docks, stages and studios of DUMBO are going to packed once again with artists and their creations.

In it’s 15th year the 2011 DUMBO Arts Festival is shaping up to be the biggest one ever. Here are a few of the exhibits we’re really excited to see.Browse all the exhibitions and get directions/festival hours here.


Best of Galapagos

Galapagos Art Space presents the ‘Best of Galapagos,’ a two-day event featuring some of the best works from artists who have graced the Galapagos stage over the years. Performances include flirty burlesque and variety acts from Floating Kabarette, our flagship series every Saturday night, as well as memorable moments from other musicians, trapeze and performance artists that make Galapagos great.

Stop by for a cool cocktail, the view from our indoor lake, the show, and an opportunity to tour what will soon be the first LEED certified ‘green’ cultural venue in New York City. On Saturday night, stay late for Floating Kabarette, starting at 10:30PM.  //MORE


Doppleganger II

In this richly colorful series, the persona of the artist is the central figure, performing a psychological struggle with her doppelgänger—a sinister ghostly double of a living person. These striking images will amuse, challenge, intrigue and captivate the viewer. //More



Immersive Surfaces

A group of over 15 international artists and curators joined together to explore the idea of surface as a place where various entities interact in this three-part video-projection experience incorporating cutting-edge technology. Under the technical guidance of vanguard production company, SenovvA, Inc. along with curator, Leo Kuelbs, and Light Harvest Studios, ‘Immersive Surfaces’ uses elements of Dumbo’s Manhattan Bridge Anchorage and the surrounding cityscape, as the ‘surface,’ colorfully blurring boundaries between quotidien perception, art and technology. // More


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