To collect information on how to make the PepsiCo finance department a better place to work, Gilles & Cecilia Studio held a massive workshop with the 180-person team, using creative thinking exercises to solve problems through play. After studying the data, the London-based studio created this series of posters to record the ideas, illustrate their findings and offer solutions for making the department a better place to work and inspiring people toward personal and professional accomplishment.

The series consists of: My Career, in which a roundabout symbolizes the culmination of personal goals within a network and a system; My Team, relates the challenges and efforts a team can reach together through shared experience, unity, diversity and teamwork; Work Life Balance incorporates an air balloon, and the flame that fills it, to symbolize the effort required to maintain work and home balance; and Grow Your Own Skills stresses the importance of agility and adaptability in developing skill sets that keep work challenging.

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