by Rebecca Bedrossian

In just over a week, the Ad Annual goes to press. Needless to say, at the moment we’re busy reading TV scripts and integrated campaigns in blueline. One of the ad judges, Jim Haven, is from Seattle, specifically Creature. When asked about how advertising was adapting to changes in the media, Haven replied, “I think very well. Agencies that understand the power of big ideas can regionalize and shift them to all media forms. You see some of that in the integrated work [in the Advertising Annual].”

You also see that in the Creature feature that posted on Commarts today. Warren Berger visited Creature last February and reports on how this unpredictable agency creates experimental work that knows no formula:

of the defining ideas [Creature] settled on early was that being clever and
creative just isn’t enough. “Creativity is the very least anyone should
expect from an agency,” they wrote. Jim Haven and Matt Peterson envisioned an
agency that could smartly solve business problems and build brands in
myriad ways.

Creature is featured in the September/October Design Annual.

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