Wu Tsang’s Full Body Quotation samples audio clips and quotations from the unknown (and known) canon of transgender cinema—channeling them into live performance. In the tradition of drag realness, Tsang maintains a studied and irreverent relationship to the social “realities” that produced the original films. By appropriating, re-embodying, and remixing these voices, FBQ explores self-representation and context as a performance in and of itself. Conceived as a follow-up to the performance PIG (Politically Involved Girls), which was presented last year at X-Initative in collaboration with Zackary Drucker and Marriana Marroquin, this is Tsang’s directorial debut. A subsequent installation of a resulting short film will be included as part of the 2012 Generational at the New Museum.

Wu Tsang (b. 1982) is a performer and filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles. His projects have been presented at X-Initiative, New York; Sala de Art Publico Siqueiros, Mexico City; Oberhausen, Germany; REDCAT, Los Angeles; and the 2010 California Biennial, Newport Beach, California. Tsang was a 2010 Independent Filmmaker Project Documentary Fellow for his first feature, WILDNESS (currently in post-production).

Full Body Quotation is presented as part of Performa 2011. Check back soon for more details on date and location.

Thursday, December 1, 2011 | 9:00 PM

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