Philadelphia-based BIGSMACK built this effective promo campaign for the second season of A&E’s popular crime drama. With the new tagline “Murder is Back in Season” the complex four-spot campaign—that also includes a complete toolkit featuring live action endplates for tune-in info, bumpers, lower-thirds, custom snipes and other essentials for A&E producers—will be used throughout the show’s thirteen-episode run. Each of the four spots open to the strains of the classic 1940s jazz track ‘“Blue Skies’” and end with the tagline and The Glades and A&E logos.

The orange-themed spots showcase perfect, flawlessly-lit oranges bathed in sunshine that are almost immediately shot with a bullet, pierced with an arrow or sliced by a flying meat cleaver. Each wound results in the very human reaction of blood spurting and pooling. While simple at first glance, the spots were complex and required a complete motion control set up featuring a Phantom Flex camera that captured the action at a stunning 1500–2500 frames-per-second rate.

The fourth spot, shot on location at a Miami pool, opens on a sunny, palm tree-filled Florida sky. The camera quickly pans to reveal a luxury resort and pool where a bikini clad woman floats serenely. The misdirect is revealed abruptly as a rubber-gloved CSI technician grabs the legs of the apparently dead woman and pulls her from the pool while series star Matt Passmore silently contemplates the crime scene. The spot required a 30-foot techno crane with an underwater camera housing to create a perfect tracking shot that starts with skyline, pans down to street level, into the pool and back out. Although the final features a few subtle edits, it was originally conceived and shot in one continuous take.

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