This microsite, for this well-known family history resource, entices users to learn more about the site’s new military headstone archive. It also acknowledges the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. employs a number of genealogists and historians whose primary job is to collect data from the past; the military headstone archive is a collection of photographs from every grave from 36 military cemeteries across the US.

The non-conventional interface highlights six of the cemeteries utilizing archival photography, on-location video and a unique ambient experience. Created for a core audience of people interested in genealogy, the site captures each cemetery and the battles that surrounded them in an immersive Civil War experience that expands its appeal to a much broader audience.

• On a bit of a compressed timeline, the site was developed in just four weeks.

• Hunting down photography could not have been accomplished without The Library of Congress.

• The nav is fun, easy to use and supports the ambient content.

• A larger campaign was intended to honor the 150th anniversary of the Civil War but because of the fresh information and photography from military headstone archives of the Civil War data wanted to make the content available to the public in a unique Web experience. There were 5,000 new signups in the first week of the campaign.

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