FILA celebrates 100 years of history on this interactive site.

Visitors can browse vintage gear or explore FILA’s 100 years of advertising, athletes, commercials and heritage, vote on whether they’d wear specific legacy items by answering the question, “Would you wear this today?” and view current gear that relates to the vintage items.

The site presents hundreds of images documenting FILA’s history with a nav that’s intuitive and captivating for the end user. The grid navigation, voting system and history section mix things up to create a less standard Web experience while still offering an elegant, intuitive display of 100 years of information. Incorporated into the interface are some special navigation features, including filtering functionality in the product grid (roll over the nav and click the blue ribbon) and drag functionality of the history section (continuing to drag at the end of a section horizontally alerts visitors to release the mouse to launch the next decade of content).

• From wireframes to development the site build took four months.

• The gear grid is randomized, but the content in the history section was laid out piece by piece to form a continuous multimedia experience including images, videos, quotes and descriptions.

• The entire site is managed through Demandware’s Business Manager; a complex back-end system links vintage products to products on FILA’s current e-commerce site.

• Much of the content is cached, and the load-heavy assets have a dedicated media server that enables the loading of hundreds of images during every visit.

• A series of print ads were created to drive traffic to the site and deep-linked SWF addresses enable a more integral sharing experience through social networking.


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