by Rebecca Bedrossian

Presently, we’re getting the Design Annual out the door, reading finals and bluelines; the advertising judging just took place, and soon winners will be notified; features for the November/December Advertising Annual are heading to production; and I’m getting ready to interview a photographer for our January/February 2012 (gasp!) Typography Annual. In publishing, time flies fast and multitasking is the norm. (That said, with two small girls, it’s the norm at home too.)

Add to this, the fiery ingredient of the social media and the Web, and distractions abound, ordinary tasks become overwhelming, and so on.

In my ongoing quest to be mindful, I read Courtney Carver’s blog entry “Eliminate Distraction for Ultimate Productivity.” It’s elementary, so full of common-sense you almost wonder why even bother. But it seems, we need these reminders to break through the barrage of messages we receive on an hourly basis. Courtney nailed it with this:

Imagine what you would accomplish if you stopped reacting, stopped searching, stopped jumping from blog to blog and site to site.

If you want to read, just read.
If you want to write, just write.
If you want to clean, clean.
If you want to play with your child, play with your child.

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