The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam has long prided itself on the very highest standards of mediocrity, including substandard beds and pre-industrial hygiene. Inexplicably, staying in the noisy Dutch fleapit troubles some guests; the most outraged have begun writing critiques on TripAdvisor. Saddened, the Brinker has mounted a unique response. The hotel’s new online campaign, by Amsterdam-based KesselsKramer invites TripAdvisor naysayers to visit to take part in retraining the hotel’s surly receptionist, notorious for her poor impulse control and masterful passive aggression, by testing her civility to its limits at a virtual Brinker reception desk.

By throwing all kinds of random abuse the receptionist’s way, visitors can ascertain whether she’s reformed or just irredeemably obnoxious. Those lucky enough to light the receptionist’s fuse, and receive a volley of abuse in return, stand to win top Brinker goodies—in the form of email vouchers designed by the legendary Anthony Burrill—including a mouth-watering half-pint of diluted shandy at the hotel bar. If the project fails, the Brinker will console itself with the possibility of finally winning the accolade of most terrible hotel in Europe, a prize it recently and unexpectedly missed out on in the TripAdvisor awards.

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