Despite its standing as the third-largest contact lens manufacturer in the world and its full-range of high-quality contact lenses, CooperVision was still thought of as a niche player. Two big shifts in the contact lens industry made the outdated perceptions even more worrisome: contact lens wearers are increasingly involved in the selection of lenses and chain stores and big-box retailers have emerged as key customers for lens manufacturers. To position the company for continued success, CooperVision needed to inspire all audiences—eye care practitioners, retail channels, lens wearers and even its own employees. Global branding firm Siegel Gale developed a new brand position that capitalizes on CooperVision’s unique skills and approach to doing business. Coupled with the “a refreshing perspective” brand promise, the striking visual identity based on watercolors provides an original and unexpected departure from an industry awash in literal representations of water.

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