BBH New York created this drastic departure from the way that hotels and resorts are traditionally marketed. The campaign uses artistic imagery to depict how the Westin brand experience is designed to help guests leave feeling better than when they arrived. Gone are the room and property shots; in their place are amenities and features of the Westin experience, titled the “Elements of Well Being,” they are brought to life through a series of images created in a studio setting.

Shot by French photographer Grégoire Alexandre, known for his dramatic fashion and high-end editorial work, each ad features a unique and intricate set, with none of the imagery devised using computer graphics. The campaign executions were created as part of a numbered series to illustrate how every element of the Westin guest experience was crafted for one purpose. Each ad begins with an insight for one of the elements of well-being and visually captures the essence of each Westin offering designed to meet that need. The $ 30 million campaign consists of six unique executions that are currently running in print, online, and in a variety of out-of-home placements. This marks the Westin’s first new ad campaign in more than five years.

copy (from top):
ELEMENT OF WELL-BEING N°8 Regular exposure to sunlight is the best
natural source of Vitamin D. That’s why our resorts lie in some of the
most beautiful places in the world. FOR A BETTER YOU.

ELEMENT OF WELL-BEING N°37 When your mind is at ease, your game is at its best. Our hotels and resorts are designed with exactly that in mind. FOR A BETTER YOU.

ELEMENT OF WELL-BEING N°15 Relaxation makes you more positive and
productive. That’s why every element of the Westin Weekend is crafted to
leave you feeling better than when you arrived. FOR A BETTER YOU.

ELEMENT OF WELL-BEING N°12 A good night’s sleep is proven to reduce
stress, improve focus and bolster memory. Our Heavenly Bed has been
engineered with exactly that in mind. FOR A BETTER YOU.


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