The Salt Lake City Public Library offers an incredibly unique experience in each of its library spaces: community meeting rooms, non-profit retail space, casual seating, cafes and gardens emphasize what the library is about. This online extension of the award-winning Salt Lake City library system offers similar tailored experiences beyond the library’s physical walls.

Like most library sites, its core tenet is to provide equal access to information and resources but this library also wanted to get people who are not typical library users to see how it has evolved, from a place that loans books, into a community gathering place. Unlike many other library Web sites, this one gives visitors the opportunity to interact with the site, the library and other visitors by facilitating conversations between it and the community and offering engaging local content and easy access to information and resources.

The Soap Box opens discussions of important local issues; Weekly Qs is a series of questions on silly and serious topics that documents the pulse of Salt Lake City; The SL Scene gives teens the opportunity to share experiences and document their worlds; MyEasel is a collage-making application for children; and CoverFlow offers endless opportunities to interact with library’s collection, with curated lists of books, movies, music, graphic novels.

• A dozen people worked on the site over a six-month period.

• The nav is simple and informs the broader library concept and a site search in the header makes it easy for visitors to find any page without having to remember a series of links to click through.

• The site’s received approximately 120,000 visitors in just under one month.

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