Protecting the oceans is not a matter of convenience for people, or a matter of taking pity on the tens of thousands of species of plants, animals and microbes that call it home. It’s a matter of vital significance to life on Earth.

This interactive campaign for Conservation International tells the story of ocean conservation, engages visitors with an interactive experience, drives donations (visitors can donate to save a mile of ocean habitat) and encourages sharing. Captivating video of ocean habitats, paired with stories of the people working to save them, educate visitors about the importance of, and threats to, our oceans.

To offer up important facts about the world’s oceans, the navigation traverses four different video animated habitats, through various threats to the ocean, and through its saved and unsaved “miles.” Rollovers encourage users to explore the threats to each habitat, and to take action—whether by donating to save a square mile, or through everyday choices such as buying sustainable seafood.

• The site was in production for five weeks and was the primary vehicle for educating audiences about the campaign and collecting donations.

• The site contains five videos and over fifteen images.

• Donor names are featured and donors can look up the mile they saved, further personalizing the cause.

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