The video demo tells the story of this new mobile site that will serve as a live recruiting tool, with much of the same content and functionality as

The site is a comprehensive resource for anyone seeking information about the Air Force, including careers, lifestyle and benefits for Enlisted, Officer and Healthcare Professional careers. Content includes in-depth information and videos on available careers, the benefits of joining, what life is like in the Air Force as well as a recruiter locator feature and a mobile lead form, making it a stand-alone experience that doesn’t require people to visit the main site to find the information and resources to make the decision to join.

An intuitive navigation, the result of a usability study conducted on the previous mobile site and, offers clear directional paths to content while also encouraging the use of the search functionality,  a persistent back button and dropdown menus. The homepage includes a primary feature area that introduces new and important information to our users (a CMS allows this feature area to scale to up to four features).

• The three month development time included defining and organizing content that would better connect the desktop and mobile versions of the site while keeping the content relevant for mobile.

• The site is part of efforts to make Air Force information more accessible and user-friendly to a target audience of 18- to 24-year-olds. Within the next month, an identical and more extensive organization of this information will be offered on the desktop version of the site—to keep the information and user experience consistent.

• For video playback, modern devices that run iOS, Android or Windows will see a MP4-encoded movie. An internal video player plays the movie and after closing, users are automatically returned to the last page they were on. Small compromises in video quality account for slower and older devices and the limitations of 3G. Devices that cannot play MP4s are sent to YouTube.

• The site currently houses 121 videos, 6 ringtones and 819 images.

• PyroCMS provides 1367 files, including everything from small icons to JavaScript files and all the PHP files. The modular part of PyroCMS where all USAF specific files are located consist of 210 files. The structure can go up to six levels deep.

• In the first two weeks of the new site, it had twice the number of page views as the old mobile received in a month—now averaging over eleven pages viewed per visitor with the average time on the site at almost seven minutes. Live chat is planned for, but currently not in place.

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