by Rebecca Bedrossian

The winners of our 52nd Photography Competition are now online! As to what you’ll see, Leslie dela Vega, director of photography at Fast Company, says, “What I saw in two days [of judging]…

conceptual, more graphic, thought-provoking imagery.”

One hundred and sixty-five projects selected from 5,500 entries—no small feat for the judges. Photographer Mimi Haddon notes that during the judging, “There were many moments of strange juxtapositions, jumping from a tragic image of a dead child in Haiti…to the exquisitely beautiful image of spring flowers for a Martha Stewart cover. It was challenging to judge them back to back.” In the end, the Photo Annual is a broad-in-scope look at what’s happening in this creative industry.

While only four motion pieces might have made it into the Annual, they did so with great impact. Haddon says, “The category was small, but it was fun to see how photographers are breathing even more life into their still images by adding sound and motion.” Robert Krivicich, creative director at Weymouth Design, remarks, “I liked seeing photographers trying their hand at video. There were a couple of spots submitted that were simple and low-budget, but told a great story.”

We hope to see more motion in years to come. Meanwhile, congratulations to this year’s winners.

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