This online hangout for team riders, new collections and videoblog posts creates total brand awareness by accurately presenting Protest. Of course, it also enables the company’s fan base to stay in constant contact with the brand.

The main nav is hidden by default to keep the interface clean and to stimulate a more context-based exploration; the layout transforms based on mouse-focus to show more details, options or to play video. In direct contrast, inside each section is a persistent thumbnail nav at the base of the page that offers a more visually-based way of navigating.

• The site was in production for six weeks.

• The interface automatically scales to a user’s screen-dimensions.

• There is a complete non-Flash version of the site for mobile devices that can’t accommodate Flash.

• The site has YouTube integration and uses the Protest YouTube channels
to show/manage videos; people can upload personal videos for the Protest Fund, to get Protest to pay for their personal missions.

Communication Arts

// From our friends at Communication Arts

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