This dynamic interactive experience was created for A&E TV in recognition of the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War.

It details multiple aspects of the monumental event in U.S. history and makes a richly dynamic and deeply educational experience fun for a variety of audiences—from the hardcore Civil War fanatic to seventh graders just learning about it. The visual design intuitively showcases the top 150 topics while taking a deeper dive into some of its more life changing events.

From the moment the page loads, the main navigation gives visitors a sneak peak into the content. A series of infographics and highlighted Most Popular Topics guides visitors through a wealth of stellar content ranging from statistics on key battles, weapons, cavalry statistics and technological advances of the time.

• The site was in development for six months.

• The site includes a wiki, 6 infographics, 150 thumbnail images (in two sizes) and approximately 500 images in the topics galleries.

• A voting share function enables users to vote on favorite Civil War topics and share content on Facebook and Twitter.

• The site downloads the main framework and configuration XMLs along with the assets needed to display the home page and footer. Infographics assets are SWF files that are loaded in background and the thumbnails displayed in the wiki and topic gallery are loaded in queues only when the category or topic is viewed/accessed.

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