by Rebecca Bedrossian

With the press date for our July/August Photography Annual just over a month away, I’m reading feature articles in final and am really excited about how this issue is coming together. For one of our features, Tiffany Meyers attended a book packaging meeting at Penguin USA in New York City and gives us an inside glimpse into how its design department finds inspiration, works with illustrators and photographers, and maneuvers between publisher, editors and marketing. The result is a fascinating read. Here’s a snippet:

Penguin has directed
resources toward building a robust Web site, apps and in-house facilities for
podcasting, broadcast radio and more, but cover design is another vital point
of marketplace distinction. “We’re constantly working to create objects,” says
Paul Buckley, the design department’s vice president, executive creative
director. “Not just book covers but objects people want to own.”

I’d like to add this deliciously designed Deluxe Classics series to my bookshelf. Stay tuned for more.

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