This organic athletic drink, initially geared toward mothers and the organic market, needed a more energetic design to capture the attention of health-conscious consumers. The original design consisted of flavors distinguished by complementary beverage and label colors and a clear bottle (product testing reveals that sunlight causes organic ingredient colors to fade over time) with a center band label that used the logo as the central focal point. To recharge the brand and meet the aesthetic demands of an active audience, founder Nancy Street turned to New York design firm TANKindustries.

To protect the product from color degradation, the firm designed a shrinkwrap label for the entire bottle; not only does it protect the product from sunlight but it provides greater shelf impact with more communication space. While each flavor is still characterized by its own color palette, the USDA Organic logo is front-and-center on a label riddled with sports-related verbs in various type sizes and layouts and lighthearted product information (such as a fuel pump infographic that reads “pure fuel for your body”).

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