Founded in 1997, Level Ground Trading’s mission is to trade fairly and directly with small-scale producers in developing countries, to market their products in North America and to offer its customers ethical choices. The company steadily grew a local, loyal following for their range of coffees. However, as the company grew, it began failing to connect in a meaningful way with a broader audience. Vancouver, British Columbia-based Subplot Design created a new identity and packaging platform that puts out the word about this unique company.

Consisting of two hands/dialogue bubbles forming an equal sign between them, the logomark boldly declares the superiority of this direct fair trade brand founded on equality, fairness and relationships. The identity platform completes the circle with engaging copy—“We shake the hands that pick the coffee,” “Coffee lover. Meet coffee grower” and “Good. From crop to cup”—that expresses the duality of direct fair trade and superior coffee and combines images of the producers with product shots and prominent logos. The packaging takes the concept one final important step by making the producers the heros: Celebrated with intimate, inviting photography, the farmers grace authentic Kraft bags, with labels that declare Level Ground’s expertise and deep knowledge of the origins and taste profiles of each of their coffees.

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