Choosing art for the first issue of the BAP Quarterly was no easy task. There were literally hundreds of excellent entries from around the world to choose from. In the end, I chose an eclectic mixture of works that evinced a mixture of high technical chops, alluring concept and great composition.

Drawing, painting, multi-media, sculpture, illustration, etc – the quarterly will be comprised of almost every medium and style of art that reflects the community of Brooklyn Art Project. Congratulations to all the artists who will be included in our first publication due out this summer. If you’re a writer and want to contribute to our premiere issue, we invite you to submit some writing samples and be a part of the editorial team.

Congratulations to all of our selected artists below. We’re proud to have include you as members of our global creative community. The artwork shown featured above is by BAP member artist Chao-Yi Chung based in Taiwan.

BAP Artist


Abby Goodman Growling Jaguar
Aditya Shringarpure Paradigms: Six
Alex Zelina N9
Alex Zelina N1
Amy Guidry Symbiotic
Amy Guidry The Wild West
Angela Vinci Subdance
Annie Stephens Black Threads
Barbara Rapp 7 Sins – Gluttony
Benoit David Shout
Caitlin Hackett The Countess
Carrie Ann Baade Suicide Queens
Casey Weldon Darling
Celene Hawkins Iteration
Chao-Yi Chung Remixed soul- digital design
Chao-Yi Chung =HOLD= Digital Illustration
Chris Arnold (a*) Love in Life and Death
Christina Mrozik Sacre Coeur
Christina Mrozik Moth Catcher
Christopher Conte Le Petit Morte
Claudia Nordino Paper Doll
Crystal Brooks One
Dana Deanne Bunker Imminent
Denise Gallagher They Were There All Along
Donny Gallagher Walk
Emiliano Baiocchi City9 (Tryptic)
eric douglas breeding Untitled
Eric Hudgins The Liberator!
Eric Richardson Red Goo Two
Faune Yerby Natural Philosophies – Nest
Foon Foono Unconditional?
gabi fventes Sepia
Hans Haveron Bad Influence
Hava Slugs
Hedi Sorger Untitled
Heidi Field Alvarez Metamorphosis (still)
Ian “Pop Mortem” McGillivray I Love…
Ina Jang Blue Paper
James Rasp Houseless Beautiful / powder room:
Jeff Faerber Regalo
Jeremy Hush Purity Breathes a Slow Poison
Jerome Forbidden Fruit
Jerrod Smith Hope is For the Birds
Johan Potma Being Buzzed
John Joseph De La O 101019 – Time Art 28-41
Jordan Quintero Muse 1
jun-jun sta.ana Portrait 1
June Glassson Corliss
June Glassson Painted Doves #1
Justin Paszul I told you already, it’s just a little stomach cramp, I can totally still run this marathon
Katelyn Alain Awaiting
Katelyn Alain Ever Onward to the Sea
Katie McCann Old Witch Grass
Kenneth Browne Rosey La Rouge
Kenneth Browne Bea B Heart
Kevin Kelly Zombie Queen
Lannie Hart Siren
Lauren Matsumoto Untitled
Lawrence Charles Miller Old Man Smoking
Lore Vanelslande God is a Circle
Lorra Jackson A Message – AramintaRoss
Maria Baraybar Please Don’t Do This
Matthew Rose Wilson
MFNY The Art of Painting Cio
Michael á Grømma Island in the Sun
michael lotenero The Real Columbus
Nathan Vernau Lovely
Nikolas michalitsianos Little Moon
Nu Ryu Fish
Nu Ryu Tree Cow
Paloma Ayala Noemi and Bell
Patricia Arnillas Icarus Deconstructed
Phaedra Mastrocola How to Make Sushi
phaedraMASTROCOLA Jack
Pieter Borst The Idea
Pieter Borst Goodzilla
Rachel Fernandez Ling RLing5
Ricardo Fernandez Cabacera 2
Rik Garrett Symbiosis Test, Figure 2-2
Rodrigo Valles Jr. Early to Rise, Early to Bed
Ryan Ketchum -30
Sara Schneckloth schneckloth07
Shigeko Okada Candy Store ( Dagashi-ya)
Simon McWilliams M Machine
Skinny Gaviar Cosmo Prom
Skinny Gaviar Trepidation
Steve Ellis Scars and Stripes
Susan Benarcik Geminiflorous from Abandora’s Box
Tanja Beate Heuser Headless
Tanmaya Bingham The Voyage
Tiffany England That Same ol’ Feeling
Tina Imel Mending
TMNK The Great Recession
Troy Brooks Tea With Mrs. Maybrick
Valerie Galloway Two Women
Vincent Fink Metamorphosis Stage 2 of 4: Praise Lord Worm
Yao Xiao Body Balance

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