by Rebecca Bedrossian

At Commarts, everyday we post a site to check out—our Webpick of the Day, culminating on Fridays with Webpick of the Week, from which we choose a site to showcase in the magazine—in the Web Watch column.

I thought I’d spell out the process because, contrary to popular belief, we’ve a small in-house staff here at CA. And with all that’s going on with design, on the Web, not to mention our production schedule for both print and online, we’d like to see what you consider to be innovative, outstanding Web sites. So I invite you to submit sites for our designers to consider.

And while you’re visiting Commarts today, be sure to check out Angelynn Grant’s feature on Underware, it’s a fun glimpse into what inspires this European type collective. And because space was limited in print, we had to cut the sidebar on Typeradio—which you can now read online.

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