January 20, 2011 marked the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s historic inaugural address. To honor the anniversary the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum invited the world to step up to the podium and recite the address along with him.

JFK was passionate about new technology and eager to embrace new forms of communication; this site combines the power of his words with today’s technology in a way that makes it a fitting legacy. Visitors can use Facebook or Twitter and individual lines of the speech can be posted to each
visitor’s wall through the site or tweeted through a personal
Twitter account. Once all 111 parts of the speech have been tweeted, @jfkspeech retweets the full speech in order. In addition, the site compiles Webcam recordings uploaded to it to recreate full versions of the speech on the site. The result is a single-minded, ongoing mashup of John F. Kennedy and people around the world reciting the landmark speech together.

• Ten creatives, designers, producers and developers completed the concept and design phase in one month and interactive production in ten days.

• Visitor voices can be recorded in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese to create diverse versions of the speech.

• A gallery of images and documents creates context for the audiovisual mashup.

• On the day of launch, the site had thousands of visitors from 81 countries; because participation utilized social networks, the project had built-in word-of-mouth that spread quickly.
Credits: www.martinagency.com

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