This site follows multimedia journalist and former soldier, with incredible access to the front lines of the war, Elliott Woods and serves as a central, curated location for viewing his reportage from Afghanistan.

The site features beautifully-produced multimedia videos and slideshows of Elliott’s reportage and an interaction map built on a Google map interface that plots his, and user-generated, stories geographically. Weaving together stunning stills, dramatic video and captivating audio, the pieces transport visitors into the field. In the hopes of fostering dialogue, site visitors can also contribute their own stories and comment on site content.

Videos, articles, and photo galleries are organized to give users a sense of context and a better understanding of the conflict. Users can access the stories directly from the interactive map, or from a simple grid page. Once within the site, callouts allow for threading and associating related content.

• Thirteen people developed the site in six weeks.

• The site is built on a Drupal CMS. Elliott can quickly and easily create new stories and upload content directly from the field in Afghanistan. The CMS includes a bulk photo uploader which pulls IPTC data directly from the photo files to create captions automatically.

• Soldiers, Afghanis and journalists have contributed content to the site.

• The site is accessible to non-Flash users with a jQuery backup of all features and functionality. The video player allows users to watch videos from mobile devices using an elegant and efficient non-Flash video player.

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