Bicoastal Park Pictures elicits passionate yays and nays for Miracle Whip in this new spot for mcgarrybowen that features real people from all walks of life sharing positive and negative opinions about the popular sandwich spread. Shot as a series of man-on-the-street interviews the spot presents a montage of comically divergent interviews, passionately divided opinions and a cross section of subjects all set to a guitar-driven track by Village Green. Students, secretaries, housewives and even some recognizable faces offer descriptions of the popular condiment ranging from “great in the bedroom” to “tastes like lotion.” Capped by the superimposed declaration: “We’re not for everyone,” followed by the description “A little loud, a little tangy,” the spot resolves with a cutaway to a droll office worker who matter-of-factly announces that the secret ingredient in Miracle Whip is “miracles,” followed by the question Are you Miracle Whip? and a call to visit to Pick a Side.

Communication Arts

// From our friends at Communication Arts

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