Luden’s throat drops (created in 1880) recently returned to its heritage for the design cues to connect with a new generation of consumers. For more than a century “throat tickle” urged people to reach for the iconic white box of cherry throat drops. However, after Luden’s heyday at Philadelphia Industries, the brand passed through several hands, including Hershey and Pharmacia/Pfizer, where it was neglected. Luden’s needed a look that traced it back to its roots while refreshing it in a way that made it relevant and understood; The Goldstein Group (New York) began the redesign with a researched, informed design process. Since color is the first tool to rekindle recognition, the creative team maintained the white carton (complete with its wax paper lining) and emblazoned it with a realistic portrayal of the key ingredients. The addition of a white halo around the updated logo serves as an eye-catching brand billboard, while the use of a green leaf as the apostrophe in the brand name signals natural goodness and efficacy.

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