When people think of bike-friendly cities, Nashville, Tennessee, doesn’t usually spring to mind. Halcyon, a truly unique bike shop, is interested in more than sales. One of the ways they are helping to champion the cause of all things bikes is by selling their own line of restored and antique bicycles—often comprised of things that have been found at yard and estate sales or even in the trash. In addition to selling the restored bikes, the shop also sponsors a program in which they teach inner-city children how to make new bikes from discarded parts. Local ad agency, BOHAN, created this poster campaign to help them promote cycling and recycling throughout the city.

copy (from top):
Bikes that take you back to a time when your helmet was your head.

Given the proper amount of love one man’s trash can become another man’s time machine.

There are those who recycle and there are those who really recycle.

We didn’t get into cycling for the love of shaving our legs.

Credits: www.bohanideas.com
| halcyonbike.com

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