Giving shape to the subtlties that photographic investigation sometimes fails to capture, the magazine that “talks about the rest of the world” blends words with pictures in its first completely-illustrated edition. In a cartoon world, characters like Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman fight battles using their superpowers, alter egos and exceptional abilities. Alternatively, COLORS 80: Superheroes celebrates the real superheroes of our times, people united by the common goal of doing extraordinary things for people and the world and who, in their own unique ways, contribute to improving society.

Included in this inspirational issue are articles about real-life superheroes, who face daily battles with courage and self-sacrifice: Luis Soriano, better known by the name of Biblio Burro, along with his two donkeys, Alpha and Beta, takes books and education to the remote villages of the Colombian jungle, where no one dares to go because of inaccessibility and the guerrilla warfare; Kru Nam, a Thai woman who fights against child prostitution and who currently has helped 126 children find refuge and education under her wing; and Cameron Sinclair, co-founder of Architecture for Humanity, a humanitarian organization based on the idea that, where resources are scarce, innovative, sustainable and collaborative design can make a difference. The issue will be released this month in four bilingual editions (English and Italian, French, Spanish and Korean).

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