Since 2003, more than 300 vodkas have been introduced into a market already saturated with strong, well-established brands. So, while people clearly didn’t need another vodka, there was an opportunity to break through the clutter by taking a stand against the gimmickry and lack of substance so pervasive among the competition. This site reinforces Sobieski’s Truth in Vodka ad positioning established when the brand was first introduced to North America three years ago.

The site has a strong, bold look with images and graphics that add splashes of color to the black-and-white pages. It tells Sobieski’s story with simplicity, straightforwardness and humor while expressing the point of view that real vodka is meant to be enjoyed. The homepage draws visitors into site sections with large text that immediately reverts to a persistent left hand nav.

Sobieski’s product story, its Polish roots, its namesake (King Jan Sobieski III) and facts about the world of vodka are presented in a fun, interactive space alongside content that pokes fun at some of the BS prevalent in the category (diamond filtering, exotic ingredients, sexual innuendo, overblown packaging, the distillation race that can be 3 to 20 times more than the next product, and escalating pricing). It also spreads the Truth in Vodka brand message through interactive features, like Test Your Knowledge (helps people distinguish between vodka fact and fiction) and Ask Bruce (a query to Bruce Willis about life’s questions) and two video series Bruce Has Ideas and Truth Booth.

• The URL was used in all communications and many print and digital executions to tease people to visit the site.

• The site was in development for five months.

• Bruce Willis liked the brand so much that he became a partner in the parent company.

• Truth Booths were introduced at Sobieski Truth Parties in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York; people step into them alone or in a group and answer a series of questions with all the honesty they can muster.

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