This site accompanies the On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century exhibition at MoMA. It serves as an online archive of the exhibition, provides pre- and post-visit information for visitors and offers a means to experience the installation for anyone unable to make it to the museum.

Works, the largest section on the compact site, is divided into three general themes that
are then subdivided into eleven different galleries that reflect the actual installation of the physical exhibition. Visitors can toggle seamlessly between the themes, gallery views (all the pieces included in the exhibit) and the individual work via a vertically stacked accordion of content. The remaining sections use a similar structure.

• Two people developed the site in two-and-a-half months.

• The site is built with the MooTools JavaScript framework and site content is maintained by updating a JavaScript flat file.

• Interactions were coded so they’d work similarly on mobile and tablet devices as well as the desktop.

• The are currently 10 videos, with more being added weekly, over 100 images and 15 pieces of audio.

• The entire skeleton of each section is loaded at once; individual work view images and videos are loaded dynamically.

• Video content is delivered with HTML5 video tags if Flash is not installed.

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