This Cleveland landmark is home to the biggest and best corned beef; everyone from George W. Bush to Rachael Ray has eaten at it and it’s even been mentioned in a Barenaked Ladies song. Local ad agency Liggett Stashower based its campaign on their sheer awe at the size of Slyman’s colossal sandwiches. The creative team’s goal was to attract folks, who love Slyman’s colossal sandwiches, on random weekdays and not just St. Patrick’s Day. In a world of 100-calorie snacks, diet this and low fat that, the creative team still firmly believes that size does matter when it comes to some things—like corned beef sandwiches.

headlines (from top):

Carpal tunnel, a small price to pay for gastronomic bliss.

New York’s the Big Apple. We’re the Big This.

Forget the coat check, you’ll need a belt check.

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