by Rebecca Bedrossian

Who says you have to be young to be fresh? The work that Colle+McVoy, a 75-year-old Minneapolis ad agency, is generating proves that oldies can still create goodies. The agency has reinvented itself, with a nimble leadership team, and in doing so is reinvigorating brands. Tiffany Meyers tells the agency’s story in our March/April Interactive Annual:

“I believe
wholeheartedly that it’s not just about doing great work,”
says Mike Caguin, executive creative director. “It’s about a
great journey on the way.”

Here, that includes summer yoga
classes on the rooftop. For the agency’s cycling enthusiasts: Showers.
And a shiatsu therapist provides on-site services. Showers and shiatsu.
It’s hard to trump. A less tangible factor—specifically, the agency’s
emphasis on multidisciplinary problem-solving—probably has as much to do
with employee satisfaction, providing constant growth opportunities.

need experts,” Caguin says, “but we also encourage generalists. Hybrid
thinking allows us to ebb and flow with the marketing landscape. It also
keeps people happier.”

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