Discovered some great tweets out there that use the phrase “love brooklyn”.

Funny how the personality of a city can come through in 140 characters or less.
You can grab the feed of “Love Brooklyn” here.

I swear I love Brooklyn . Maad boys jus mobbed in the trainstation & hopped the turnstile . U don’t get this in Bmore lml

I love Brooklyn ; my man came thru with the sour diesel and platinum diesel yea!

Damn …. I love BROOKLYN CHIX… But yall aint got shit on southern chix..

So im in a cab driving through Brooklyn… I love Brooklyn, I don’t think I ever wanna move.

Could I live in Harlem? I love Brooklyn, so no.

If I didn’t love Brooklyn in such a native/overprotective way, I would soo be out of here

These ‘sandmiches’ are a large reason I love Brooklyn

Photo: Brooklyn, January 2011

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