While working on yet another “really big bubbles” ad for Hubba Bubba, Gitam BBDO, Tel Aviv, realized that it was exactly what they didn’t want to do—just one more “really big bubbles” ad. Instead, the creative team used insights from their own childhoods and combined them with graphic themes that appeal to children and capture their imaginations. Children use imagination to make stories bigger and more exciting—to make them epic. With the tagline “Blow it out of Proportion,” this colorful campaign is a play on the bold imaginations and embellished stories of children who relate their exaggerated escapades in glorious and picturesque detail. Hubba Bubba bubble gum is for these kids; the kids who like to blow things out of proportion. The campaign appeared in both print and on outdoor boards.
Credits: www.gitam.co.il
| hubbabubba.co.il

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