Curious consumers can learn about Organic Valley, organic agriculture—a philosophy and production system that mirrors the natural laws of living organisms with emphasis on the interdependence of life—and the more than 1,600 organic farmers who are part of the Organic Valley brand.

Content on this information-rich site includes a range of articles explaining the benefits of choosing organic foods, and stories about the co-op’s farmers. The real standout, though, is a products section that provides nutrition information, unique, product-specific features such as calculations for avoided pesticides and synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, product-related recipes and the ability to rate and comment on favorites. For any visitors interested in buying local, IP intelligence serves geographically relevant copy and images for products that are only produced and sold in specific regions of the United States and a “Who’s Your Farmer?” tool that creates a list of farmers by zip code who live and farm in nearby communities. There’s also “Organic Counts. What’s Your Impact?,” a calculator of the cumulative positive effects of purchasing organic dairy products.

• The redesign took ten people just under six months to complete.

• A home page marquee allows the company to feature up to eight different promotions at a time, leaving room for Facebook and Twitter feeds that are also integrated into the home page.

• Company e-newsletters have been redeveloped so they can be published on the site in addition to being delivered by email.

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