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This issue showcases the best interactive design of the past year, full of groundbreaking projects for the Web, mobile and installations.
Five jurors selected 35 winning cutting-edge Web sites, mobile apps and interactive installations from nearly 1,500 entries submitted from around the world. Annual categories include: Advertising, Entertainment, Information Design, Self-Promotion, Experimental/Virtual Community.

Additional editorial highlights include:

Underware by Angelynn Grant
A 21st-century virtual studio bent on creating delicious typography.

Jillian Tamaki by Jim Hanas
A New York illustrator whose line and brushwork define a
new modern expressionism.

Colle + McVoy
by Tiffany Meyers
This Minneapolis ad agency has undergone a creative reinvention.

Erik Almås by Ruth Hagopian

This San Francisco photographer is craftsman, strategist and artist.

Diseño en Buenos Aires by Linda Cooper Bowen
An overview of the work coming out of this
metropolis in Latin America.

This Annual also includes a wealth of thought-provoking columns on
design issues, emerging media, business, advertising, typography and
design trends.

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