by Rebecca Bedrossian

Since I’ve been here at CA—dare I say, since the late nineties—once or twice a year, I run into Michael Osborne, at a conference or local AIGA event. And like many other designers, he’s been on our radar for quite some time. So late last summer, when we emerged from our January/February 2011 editorial meeting, I could hardly wait to call Michael. Those phone calls, the ones where I get to say, “We’d like to profile you” are so much fun to make.

Ruth Hagopian was assigned the feature and went on to artfully capture the essence of this consummate designer, who in his 30th year of business, admits that he’s happiest when he’s making something:

Osborne’s ventures include a design studio, a letterpress printshop and
a fine art business. Located in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill
neighborhood, the studio is an open 4,500-square-foot space with an
eye-level fireplace at its heart. Here, branding, packaging and naming
for the wine, food and beverage, and retail industries make up more
than half of the Michael Osborne Design (MOD) business. According to
Osborne, packaging is where design exerts real influence. “When there
are 40 feet of wine labels on the shelf, you can actually use your
craft to get somebody to pull out their wallet and go and pick one up,”
he said.

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