Trawling the treasure troves of eBay to purchase dozens of dog-eared calendars, Block—from the faraway city of Perth, Western Australia—celebrates the art of calendar-making to promote Dalton’s Revive recycled paper range. Dating from 1921 to 1983, the twelve images show an evolution of design, typefaces, calendar genres and printing techniques, highlighting the diversity of the family of recycled paper stocks. Each image was photographed with a Hasselblad Multishot (MS50) camera, revealing the crinkles, creases and stains that mark the passing of time, and is accompanied by its eBay description and purchase price. The old-yet-new calendar is being distributed to designers, art directors and printing professionals around Australia.

copy (for last two images):

1949 Robinsons D’Amour Magazine
Original Size 360x270mm
Purchased on eBay for €13.50
“…beautiful original gift for a birthday (in particular men).”

1938 Petersen Hatcheries Calendar
Original Size 266x138mm
Purchased on eBay for US$ 8.00
“A great item for chicken, Jackson, Lakefield or Windom collectors.”

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