by Rebecca Bedrossian

I’m a firm believer in patience being a virtue, and good things come to those who wait, after all, I finally got an iPhone. As a Verizon customer whose contract ended one year ago, I held out hope that the phone all my office mates had would come to my carrier. And it did. I pre-ordered and on Monday, February 7, my phone arrived.

Now I’ve heard a lot about how these phones have practically changed lives. There’s been no seismic shift in my life yet—but I’m waiting for it. And while I wait, I wade through a sea of apps. Like the World Wide Web when it first gained momentum, the App Store is seriously a mile wide and an inch deep. There’s an app for everything, which makes finding the gems buried in the store a bit challenging. And that’s where I could use your help.

Recently we’ve featured apps for the iPhone and iPad in Exhibit that are smart in both design and function. With mobile being the “new frontier”, we’d like to see more. Me especially—with my brand new iPhone!

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