Launched May 15 2010, to coincide with editor-in-chief David Gómez-Rosado’s presentation of the magazine at the annual Ux-Lx Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, Want Magazine clarifies the concept of “experience” as it relates to UX designers, or any other profession with the responsibility of building inspirational experiences.

Built on the concept of clear communication and writing, the editorial content is plain and simple. Written and edited from the point-of-view of the user experience designer it serves anyone in the experience community.

As guided by the editorial directive, the site has a frictionless user experience. All primary navigation takes place in a small area on the left-hand rail. The right rail is used for some secondary navigation, showing current comments and recommended content. Because its mission is to be a global design magazine, a language-selection dropdown menu is on the top right of every page of the site.

• Videos are delivered in multiple formats (including HTML5) so they can be viewed on mobile devices including the iPad and iPhone.

• The magazine is managed via WordPress, using custom templates and plug-ins that make it easier for readers to navigate through and share content.

• Fifty percent of the articles include 15- to 20-minute video interviews (also available as MP3 downloads).

• The site’s received over 36,000 visits since its initial launch (with teaser content) on April 20.

• Two vendors worked on design and programming; five staffers (in California, Washington and Spain) and three freelancers (in France, Chile and the Ukraine) determined editorial direction and generated content; and video interviews were conducted by managing editor Ken Grobe and shot in the U.S. with a small crew.

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