A companion piece to the Turner Classic Movies seven-part documentary Moguls and Movie Stars, A History of Hollywood.

In addition to never-before-seen photos and video, the site features an interactive timeline and studio map. The timeline spans over 200 years of Hollywood history with extensive facts and photography; the studio map explores a number of Hollywood studios, their management, and access content about select films and their principal stars.

Despite being a media-heavy site, all major Flash and XML content is preloaded during the initial site load rather than between page clicks so transitions between sections are smooth and seamless. Media elements such as gallery thumbnails, feature images and backgrounds are all optimized and loaded on demand from the Turner content delivery network with server side caching for rapid file response.

• The project launch was announced with a traditional and online advertising campaign. One Trick Pony worked with TCM’s marketing department to concept and design the key art and an online campaign that directed traffic to the site and the documentary.

• The core site was designed and built in eight weeks and launched to coincide with the on-air promotions leading up to the premiere of the first episode. The timeline and studio map were added two weeks later to coincide with the premiere.

• In total, the site contains 14 videos, over 500 images and 15 Flash tours.
Credits: 1trickpony.com

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