Electrolux is the second largest appliance manufacturer in the world. One of its flagship brands, Germany’s AEG, has a reputation for innovative design and leading edge technology. With no e-commerce or sustained engagement with its customers AEG/Electrolux had a puzzle: Since most of their customers buy appliances only once every seven years, how could they build meaningful and sustained engagement with them while also focusing on the brand’s attributes and reputation?

Its customers are seasoned professionals and knowledgeable enthusiasts. They educate themselves independently before making high-consideration purchases and planning is as important as pricing. Combining a traditional German focus on craftsmanship and performance with a passionate brand voice, this site positions AEG as a thought leader with a unique voice and compelling story.

This independent social platform based on the concept of “constant enhancement” guides consumers through the initial purchase and occasional support; more importantly, it engages them for engagement’s sake. With minimal branding and no product placement, Perfunkt invites visitors to share in AEG’s passion for perfection with a collection of original and sourced videos showcasing experts in a variety of categories tied to the brand. More than 40 videos present the perfect method for everything from Steak Tartare and Apple Strudel to Steam Ironing and Stain Removal, and reflect the brand’s refined aesthetic and impeccable engineering.

• The site took nine people four months to complete.

• Based on a single platform template, the site is adaptable to every country in Electrolux’s global market. All product categories, site nomenclature, and pricing are supported in multiple languages and, when translated, the copy consistently upholds the voice of each brand.

• The first full release of the site will contain over 200 videos. In what seems an unprecedented level of opennesss, site visitors can submit their own techniques to challenge and ultimately replace the “expert” videos created for the site.

• All traditional navigation was removed or downplayed in favor of
letting users browse the video content by topic or expert. A persistent toolbar at left allows visitors to vote or comment from any point in the site.

* The Department of the 4th Dimension (The D4D) created nine of the culinary and professional Webisodes (master chefs and other professionals illustrating their unique skills).

* To support future e-commerce capabilities the design was planned for seamless integration of shopping carts, wish lists and online accounts.
Credits: www.hugeinc.com

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