Seattle’s Best Coffee, part of Starbucks Corporation, recently launched Level System, a radically simplified premium packaged coffee line with expanded blend offerings and an innovative packaging concept. Designed by Seattle-based brand agency Creature, the packaging is labeled with vivid numbers and colors that tell consumers exactly what they want to know: which type of coffee fits their taste profile. With the new system, consumers will be able to easily find and choose from a selection of blends that span the entire range of coffee enjoyment, from a mild, light, crisp Level 1 to a bold, dark and intense Level 5. In addition to Levels 1 through 5, consumers can choose from a decaffeinated blend, an Organic Fair Trade Certified blend and Cinnamon (C) and Hazelnut (H) flavors. The new Level System lineup began replacing the existing Seattle’s Best Coffee products on shelves in December.

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